Friday, 13 February 2015

What's this?

Yes, another blog post. Only more than 6 months later.

I have been writing, just not on here.

How did 2014 go?

I had a list of things, some I did and some I didn't.

I was supposed to read Musashi and the 3 Musketeers. I got bored of the Musketeers but I'll go back and finish it this year.

I'm currently 8 per cent through Musashi. It's so beautiful and lovely and amazing that I never want it to end.

There was some other stuff I was supposed to do also:

- Achieve social freedom- and keep it... I achieved this as much as I need to, I think.

-Get 7 fillings in my teeth  ... DONE              
- Have my teeth cleaned and shined...DONE

-Finish the Michel Thomas Japanese course  NOT DONE, I STILL NEED TO DO IT.


-Visit Tenerife, Madrid and other places    DONE

- Quit Facebook for at least one month – starting today    DONE

-Record the best bits of my year on video, and then cut and edit my own montage video     DONE

- Meditate on at least 300 out of 365 days of the year   NOT DONE.... PROBABLY MANAGED 200 DAYS THOUGH

- Launch my new teaching website and post at least 50 videos  NOT DONE...NO INTEREST NPW

- Meet more girls than last year     DONE

- Go clubbing more (a little bit more)   NOT DONE...NO INTEREST ANY MORE

- Have a ton of stories by Jan 31 2014   DONE

- Keep blogging     KIND OF DONE... MORE TO COME IN 2015

And what else happened in 2014?

I made several hundred pounds from writing. I met my dream girl and went on dates with her and made sweet sweet love to her.

I travelled to the Phillipines and swam in the warm waters off Boracay island.

I became a better teacher.

I learned more about how to argue and how not to argue.

I read about a hundred books.

I moved into a sexy new apartment.

I went to my first BJJ classes and got my arse handed to me.

I made a couple great new friends. I lost a couple too.

I discovered some great new blogs. 

I made some progress on my novel and got inspired for the next one.

I continued to love my life and the city I live in.

I caught glandular fever. Still have it, matter of fact.

But it's gonna be a great year.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Only I Can Do It

I need to meet some new girls. I need to finish off my two books and build my new blog. I need to get back in the writing habit. I need to make and edit my 2014 video. 

I'm tired. And I don't wanna do anything. 

But only I can do it.

Let's go.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

and on Friday, peace

Monday, a date off Tinder. Waste of time, not at all my type. No connection, no chemistry. Perfectly nice girl though. 

Tuesday, a quick tour of the South Bank to get some fresh air. A single approach, a Hong Kong girl. I told her I wanted to go to Hong Kong because I'm interested in economics. 

She said; Yeah, our economy is very free. When we shook hands, I held onto hers longer than necessary. She didn't let go.

She had tiny shorts, amazing legs,a feisty personality. She was in London for one day. We went for a green tea and sat on a wall, watching a busker play overly sentimental acoustic songs.

She wouldn't kiss me. 

Are you married?
No... not yet.


I walked her to the tube station and went home to sleep.

Wednesday, Tinder date. Fattie. Her photos were dishonest. I still had two drinks with her. She had a sweet personality but she couldn't keep up with me.

Thursday, RSD FreeTour. It was great, a model on the right way to run a business. A two hour talk turned into three hours. No hard sell at the end. Really entertaining and I learned some stuff.

I got to bed too late.

Friday, hot weather. Came home from work, fell asleep on my bed. Woke up.

Fuck, haven't approached a girl today. Went out to the Forum Magnum Square. Approached a nice Indian girl who was rushing for work. I said goodbye to her and went and sat in the square and meditated for twenty minutes. 

The sun was going down and then the rain started. I felt at peace.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Weekend

I took my laptop and went to the BFI, where I met Neil and worked until 7 o clock.

I planned a lesson observation for later in the week at work. It took me a few hours because I had to think up an elementary lesson from scratch.

Then I worked on my novel for two hours and only wrote three hundred words. I will do better next time.

I realised the stupidity of weekends. Why on earth would I not spend my Saturdays working / writing? How the fuck else am I going to achieve my dreams?

From now on, if I haven't got something very specific organised my weekends will be devoted to writing my books or blogs or making websites.

After the work was done, in the cool of the evening light I went out for a walk in the city and I approached six girls. They didn't like me and none of them wanted to talk to me except the first one but I was too much of a pussy so I left.

I felt bad and sad.

Then I went for Nandos with Neil and Simon and Dana. I had butterfly chicken with medium spicy sauce. It tasted good. Over dinner we shared politically incorrect jokes. 

In Nandos, the manager was the most affable man ever. And the waiter who showed me to my table was also very nice. Also, there were two hot Asian girls there.

We went to the pub and then back to my flat to watch the England game. Italy won. I got a bit excited. Sorry, England.

Sunday I slept late. Then I moved several large objects from my old flat to the new one. Then I moved a ton of bags and boxes.

I had a hot shower. I didn't have a choice because my shower only has one setting. After that I went out for a walk by the river. I tried to talk to some girl but I did so in a pussy way and she didn't stop.

Then I went to Westminster Bridge and across the road on the other side I saw a hot Japanese girl. She was dressed like a Japanese girl with a short skirt and long socks up to her knees. When I went to talk to her I realised she had massive tits.

She was here for 2 more days on a working holiday. I invited her for a coffee and then we went for a walk and then for a drink in the BFI. I caressed her hands as we chatted then led her from the bar when it closed.

We went back to my house and listened to Definitely Maybe by Oasis in my room but she wouldn't fuck me. She did give me a Japanese facial massage though. She left at half past two and I did only one final thing before I went to sleep.

One day I will be dead and none of this will matter

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Why The Media Pisses Me Off

This video was shown on the Young Turks, an independent American TV news and commentary show. God love them, they are clearly good people and nice people and they at least are not in the pocket of the government or some corrupt billionaire.

But... for God's sake. 

What about the bigger issues?

Last week 9 young black men were shot to death in Chicago. And one young white man.

Nobody in the media give a fuck.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Before The Storm

The sky has blackened and the wind is gusting cold. I wasted an hour playing charades round the table after work and then an hour in front of the computer. I have a mountain of marking to do. And a novel to write. I slept less than I wanted to last night. I have a million excuses to not go out.

I throw on my only pair of jeans and button up my leather jacket. I'll just take a walk by the river, give compliments to a few girls. No pressure.

I walk towards the London Eye. An older Asian chick walks by. I don't even have the balls to compliment her. I just stop her, tell her have a nice day. 

Thanks, she says but I've already vanished.

Closer to the eye, some cute blonde girl walks towards me.I tell her she looks lovely and have a nice day.

You too, she says.

An English forty something year old is sitting, looking out over the river. Nice hat I say, it looks badass.

Two Asian chicks, one hot, one not. I tell them they both look lovely. Ignored.

I reach the front of the Royal Festival Hall. A Korean girl with bleach blond hair and little shorts goes past.

I want to talk to her. I don't. 

The excuses rain down.

I'm not warmed up to hit on a girl properly.

She is too Korean. She will be scared of me. 

She is not that hot. I see better looking girls every day at work.

She is probably just a tourist, there is no point.

She is too far away now, it's too late.

Then I say fuck it, I'm going after her. I have to run though.

I run. She is halfway to the London Eye by the time I reach her.

I run in front and stop her dead in her tracks.

It is not smooth. It is not graceful.

I am in my head, my brain very consciously instructing my voice to slow the fuck down.

I'm sorry to stop you so suddenly but I saw you all the way back there and I thought you looked really nice... and I wanted to say hello. 

I'm just on my way home and I noticed you. (Fuck me, I'm repeating myself) and now I have said hello. I'm glad that I got that out of my system.

She says thanks.

I'm Jason. 

I'm cute blonde Korean girl.

She holds the handshake just a second longer than she needs to and I know I am in.

OK. You are Korean, I think.


She tells me she is studying stage design, she has been here ten months, her friends are mostly Korean, she misses home.

To be honest, I'm a bit nervous. I've run out of stuff to say.

Oh, haha.

Do I make you nervous?

Yeah, a little.

Blah blah blah. She is adorable.

I take her number, maybe we can go for coffee next week. 

I point out that she is walking in the wrong direction for Waterloo station. We walk back together.

I go through the station with her, wave her goodbye as she runs for her train. I come out the other side of the station onto Waterloo Road.

The rain has begun and I have to run for home, but I have a smile on my face.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Quick Wins

This blog post won't be the most interesting for anybody, least of all me. But fuck it.

I was talking with Enda about quick wins. You don't have any momentum in your job or task or day so you tackle a few easy goals and get them done. Your brain rewards you with a dopamine hit and your motivation increases. A virtuous cycle begins.  I wrote about 50 different variations of the idea already on this blog.

I got up all wrong today. Wasted an hour and a half in bed reading Guardian articles and getting annoyed with the stupidity of lefties. Then I read some of the Telegraph and got annoyed with a few things on there too. After that I read some good stuff on blogs and other sites. 

Instead of getting up.

I've got this far in the day having done fuck all. Going to watch Groves v Froch this evening and I'll be meeting Enda fairly soon.

I can feel the irritation welling up inside me.I hate wasted days.

Time to get the quick wins in.

Floss teeth, bang out shitty blog post, meditate, hang up washed clothes, put away old clothes, go out into the streets of London and talk to other humans if I can manage to arouse myself from the pit of introspection in which I languish.

This day will improve if I do.